Our August 2017 Spotlight Blog: Casey Hall, M.S. CCC-SLP, Director of School Services

I am privileged to announce our August Spotlight, our Director of School Services, Casey Hall.  Casey has a background in speech-language pathology but now serves as our school support liaison.  Casey is there to assist schools with implementing teletherapy in an individualized way- in a way that meets the school’s unique needs while providing students with a functional, educationally appropriate therapy experience.  The DotCom Therapy staff and our partner schools are so grateful for all that Casey does to assist with making teletherapy a positive and stress-free experience.

Here is a little more about our talented Director of School Services:

1.) What made you want to become a speech-language pathologist?


I always knew I wanted a career that surrounded me with people. I would say I’m extroverted in nature and the idea of working with children in a school setting and then having the option to work with adults in a home health setting was very appealing. I also wanted a career that I was challenged in and could be proud of while also giving me flexibility to fulfill the goals I set around being a mother and wife. Joining DotCom Therapy has provided me with everything I want on a more grandeur and impactful scale; I am thrilled to be a part of this global mission.


2.) Give a little overview of your duties for DotCom Therapy.


My roles and responsibilities with DotCom Therapy are centered primarily around our customers. I am responsible for ensuring that the initial phase of service rollout is implemented seamlessly and successfully. I am also the liaison to our schools throughout the course of their relationship with DotCom Therapy to support their students and staff in anyway possible.


3.) What is your favorite thing about your job?


I thoroughly enjoy the relationships I am able to build with our customers. It is extremely fulfilling to learn from each school how we are stepping in to support their students and their staff. I can say with experience and confidence that DotCom Therapy employs the highest caliber therapists there are, and matching one of our team to a school brings pure joy and satisfaction. I know they are getting the best of the best. I'm truly honored to be surrounded by therapists with such skill and expertise.


4.) Fill in the blank: when I'm not working, you can find me.....


On adventures with my husband and two year old son. I'm my truest self when I'm traveling with those two but even at home, we strive to create experiences out of the little things.

Huge thank you to Casey for all she does! For more information on DotCom Therapy or the services we provide to schools, email theteam@dotcomtherapy.com or call (844) 536-8266.

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