Meet Kathy Turpin, M.S. CCC-SLP




Name: Kathy Turpin 


Accepting Mentees: YES


LinkedIn: Kathy Turpin


When did you start with DotCom Therapy?      May 2016



What do you love about working for DotCom Therapy?    

Everything!  I love that I am able to provide quality services to students who may otherwise not have access.  As an employee, I feel valued and respected.  The executive team at DotCom Therapy has encouraged me to pursue my areas of interest and are always willing to provide extra support when needed.  As a mother, I am thankful for having extra time with my children.  The schedule is flexible and I am able to be in the moment with my family.  


Where are you from?  

I am from Nixa, Missouri.  My husband and I moved to this area, from southeast Missouri, a little over 15 years ago.  We love the Ozarks and have found it to be a great place to raise our family. 


Where are you licensed?    



What are your special interests or areas of expertise?  

I have primarily worked with school-age children, with the focus being on language and sound system disorders.  Growing up in a rural farming community, I have first-hand experience with poverty.  It is of great interest to me how poverty impacts a child's speech and language development, and how deficits in these areas affect literacy skills. 


Fun Facts:      

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, watching old movies, and singing.