Marie Menyes, M.A. CCC-SLP




Name: Marie Menyes

Accepting Mentees: No


When did you start with DotCom Therapy?     

I started the day after I got back from hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu back in September of 2016! Quite the first day back in the states! :)


What do you love about working for DotCom Therapy?     

I absolutely LOVE working with DotCom therapy. It allows me to not only feel like I'm actually making a difference in the lives of others, but also like I am helping make therapy possible for those who have not previously been able to receive it. On the selfish side, having time off around the holidays to actually spend with my family was not previously possible when I worked in a SNF. Not only do I feel like I have more of a balanced life, but I can even visit family while working! Being able to do what I love AND work remotely is the best thing in the world! Also, not having to commute in the snowy weather is a plus. Oh, and I always have my workouts done by noon now since Alaska is 4 hours behind! I just have too many positives to list them all!


Where are you from?     

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio.


Where are you licensed?      



What are your special interests or areas of expertise?     

TBI, swallowing, fluency disorders, aphasia, dysphagia


Fun Facts:      

I graduated from Ohio University with my Bachelor's in Psychology and I graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with my Master's. I am pretty much a kid at heart and I have a lot of energy! I absolutely love to travel and would live out of a suitcase if it were up to me. My favorite place in the world is on an airplane or in an airport. I also have my own travel and touring business on the side and I keep a travel and life advice blog on my site. This is one of other greatest passions. I am also very athletic and I love to run, hike, and swim. I am training for a marathon and have loved distance running ever since my cross country days. I am also pretty crafty and love to hand make gifts (one can usually find thousands of sequins and such engulfed in the carpet of every room of my house around the holidays). A couple other fun facts are that I am obsessed with giraffes, I can't go a day without dessert or sweets, and I'm pretty social! I am usually up for just about anything as long as I get to spend time with friends or family! :) Oh, and I love Mexican food!